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We Provide a leading rental service across Malaysia

Smart Tiny House provides a leading rental service that provides easy and convenient solutions for owners. We understand the needs of owners who want reasonable prices and oversee a comprehensive service that is guaranteed to deliver returns.

Over the years of operation, our company has developed and maintained long-term business relationships with real estate investors holding hundreds of properties in hand. With many returning customers, we are highly rated by various owners and tenants. Our primary objective is to create sustainable value for owners, tenants, and strategic stakeholders in our ecosystem. We aim to create a benchmark for living standards in our community.

Office Cabin Rental

Cabin offices provide a safe and comfortable working environment and are suitable for almost any location – they go wherever you go as each one is designed to be fully mobile, manufactured from the factory, and delivered anywhere in Malaysia. It’s not just a cabin o but a space carefully designed to meet your needs.

20ft Heavy Duty Cabin:


1. External/Roofing: Metal Desk
2. Internal: Laminated Plywood / Gypsum
3. Flooring: Plywood
4. Floor Finish: Vinyl Sheet / Vinyl Tiles


20ft Folding Container

Worker Stay Rental




Smart Tiny House Rental Worker Stay is the leading owner-operator of foreign and foreign worker hostels in Malaysia. We are passionate about developing a conducive and caring home environment for our residents, and we believe that their well-being comes first. That’s why we put our heart in our place of business, by creating a friendly living community that promotes a comfortable and peaceful stay.


Container Storage Rental

Smart Tiny House provides a range of products that are versatile, affordable and suitable for all uses. We can also help your business keep costs low while staying compliant. As part of our services, we also provide consulting, engineering, procurement, design and custom projects.


Warehouse Solution

✓ Better Stock Control
Digitizing your stock documents as well as better visibility of your stock movements means taking control of your stock.

✓ Cost Savings
By avoiding stockouts and overstocking, businesses reduce holding costs and minimize the risk of obsolete or expired inventory.

Transportation Rental

High-Quality (Lori Sewa) Moving Services at Fair Prices Since 2009

We Understand You Aren’t Just Moving Your Belongings; You Are Moving Your Life! Our goal is to exceed our customer expectations and ensure they are comfortable throughout the process that has been requested from us.


✓ Office Relocation Services
We also provide office moving services. We will help you move your office to your new place and help you prepare everything you need

✓ Long Distance Movement
We provide long distance moving services from KL / Selangor to other states around peninsular Malaysia. Our prices are affordable and our service is guaranteed.


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About Us



We started our business in 2015 and since then we have been the most trusted manufacturer of containers and portable cabins in Malaysia.

Our products range from heavyduty cabin, lightduty cabin, portable toilet cabin, site worker cabin, storage container, homestay and many more. We do also provide customized cabins based on our client’s requirements.

Our office is based at Kajang Sentral, Selangor and we have a dedicated and professional team to help you convert your ideation into reality!