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Our Products

Our products range from heavy duty cabin, light duty cabin, portable toilet cabin, site worker cabin, storage container, homestay, and many more.

Trusted Manufacturer of Cabins and Containers in Malaysia

Smart Tiny House Sdn Bhd has been in the Cabin and Container business for more than 8 years mainly manufacturing and supplying lightweight and heavy usage cabins and used shipping containers for various purposes in multiple industries and personal usage of customers.

Along the way, the purpose of cabins and containers has tremendously improved and been improvised to suit the current demand of purchase and rental for long and short term usage.

If you’re looking for a temporary solution to a worker hostel, a new business attempt using containers modified into shops and kiosks and a storage solution for those online business owners to place their stocks don’t hesitate to give us a call for discussion. We are able to help you to work around the budget that you have in mind.

We also cater for customers who are looking to create a unique homestay concept using refurbished Shipping Containers that only cost half the amount to break even when compared to building from brick and mortar.  

Moveable Cabins

Types of Standard Portable / Moveable Cabins

  1. Portable Light Duty Cabin 
  2. Portable Heavy Duty Cabin
  3. Modular Cabin
  4. Folding Container

All sizes from 5ft up to 40ft are able to be delivered via our logistic partners to various parts of Malaysia except Sabah and Sarawak.

Other sizes than the above require further discussion with our team pertaining to logistics and more. 

Shipping Containers

Clients who prefer a much stronger base and pure steel wall can opt for shipping containers. These containers are well suited for creative ideas such as Homestay Studio Concepts, Kiosks or temporary repurposing into storage space. Below are the types of shipping containers that are available in the market

Types of Used Shipping Containers

  1. 20ft GP Original Shipping Container
  2. 40ft GP Original Shipping Container
  3. 40ft HC Original Shipping Container
  4. 40ft HC Reefer Shipping Container

With the soaring property prices, would you think of container houses as a viable option? Welcome to Smart Tiny, your one-stop shop for container houses in Malaysia. Our container homes come with terrific design options allowing you to create a space that is truly unique.

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