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20ft GP Original Container


20ft GP Shipping Container Purposes

20ft GP (General Purpose) shipping containers are versatile and widely used for various purposes due to their standardized size, durability, and ease of transport. Here are some common uses:

Cargo Shipping:

The primary purpose of these containers is for shipping cargo via trucks, trains, and ships. They are designed to safely transport goods internationally.


They are commonly repurposed as storage units for personal or business use. They can store household items, equipment, tools, inventory, and more. They are durable and weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor storage.

Temporary Accommodation:

In some cases, these containers are converted into temporary living or workspace solutions. They can be modified to create offices, housing units, construction site offices, or even pop-up shops.

Construction Sites:

Shipping containers are often used on construction sites to store tools, materials, and equipment securely. They can also be converted into on-site offices or break rooms.

Event Spaces:

Modified containers can serve as mobile event spaces, such as bars, ticket booths, or exhibition spaces for festivals, trade shows, and outdoor events.

Off-Grid Housing:

With proper modifications, containers can be turned into sustainable, off-grid homes, utilizing solar panels, insulation, and other eco-friendly features.

Art Installations:

Creative individuals use shipping containers as a canvas for artistic installations, murals, or sculptures, showcasing their versatility in art and design.

Disaster Relief:

During emergencies or natural disasters, shipping containers can be repurposed as temporary shelters, medical clinics, or storage for relief supplies due to their mobility and robustness.

Farm and Agriculture:

Containers are utilized as storage for farming equipment, livestock feed, or as modular structures for hydroponic farming or temporary shelters for animals.

Retail Spaces:

They can be transformed into retail stores, cafes, or restaurants. Their portability makes them an attractive option for mobile businesses.

These containers are adaptable and can be modified extensively to suit various needs, making them a popular choice across many industries due to their durability, standard size, and transportability.


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