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We started our business in 2015 and since then we have been the most trusted manufacturer of containers and portable cabins in Malaysia.

Our products range from heavyduty cabin, lightduty cabin, portable toilet cabin, site worker cabin, storage container, homestay and many more. We do also provide customized cabins based on our client’s requirements.

Our office is based at Kajang Sentral, Selangor and we have a dedicated and professional team to help you convert your ideation into reality!


Worker Stay Cabin

Smart Tiny is here to assist you in discovering the variety of worker cabins available.

centralized labour quarter

Labour Quarter Cabin for Workers in Malaysia

Welcome to Smart Tiny, your trusted destination for an array of worker cabin types that adapt to a multitude of purposes and scenarios.

Our labour quarters are designed to cater to the needs of construction crews, oil and gas workers, seasonal labourers, and so many more.

These versatile structures offer not only a practical solution for temporary living or workspace but also a wise investment in your business future.

From Labour to Living with Worker Stay Cabin

When you choose Smart Tiny cabins, you’re choosing a product that’s filled with efficient space utilisation, proximity to work sites, and cost-effectiveness.

You can expect the labour quarters equipped with a range of amenities to enhance comfort and productivity, tailored to meet the needs of your workforce.

Our cabins meet the necessary legal requirements and safety standards according to the Employees’ Minimum Standards of Housing, Accommodations, and Amenities Regulations 2020 [Act 446].

Component Description
3.6m2 per worker
1 bathroom and toilet for 6 workers (bathroom and toilet may be combined or separate)
Water and Electrical Supply
Ensuring the availability of water and electricity in worker accommodations
Other Basic Facilities
- 1 rest area
- 1 dining area with chairs and a table
- 1 kitchen area
- Fans for each rest area, dining area, and bedroom
- Lights for each rest area, dining area, bedroom, kitchen area, bathroom, and toilet
- Laundry area
- Emergency aid equipment
- Trash bins

We provide you with maintenance guidelines and access to our support team to ensure that your cabin remains in optimal condition.

Whether you’re on a remote job site or in a bustling urban area, our cabins are where you need them, when you need them.

Smart Solutions for Labour Quarter Cabin

When it comes to finding the perfect worker cabin for your needs, Smart Tiny is here to guide you through every step of the process.

Worker Cabin Size

Our range of worker cabins comes in various sizes, ensuring you'll find the ideal fit for your workforce, whether it's a compact single unit or a more spacious configuration for multiple occupants.


Smart Tiny offers cabins with flexible layouts, accommodating different group sizes, so you'll have just the right amount of space to ensure everyone is comfortable and productive.

Climate Control

Our worker cabins are designed with climate control features, ensuring that occupants remain comfortable, even in the tropical climate of Malaysia.

Safety Regulation

We ensure that all necessary safety features and standards are met, providing peace of mind for both employers and workers.

Zoning Requirement

We can assist you in understanding and meeting all zoning requirements for worker cabins in Malaysia, making the process smooth and efficient.

Price for Worker Stay Cabin in Malaysia

Discover how affordable it can be to install labour quarter cabins in Malaysia or get your quote instantly.

20ft Worker Stay Cabin

  • 1 x Plywood Door 3′ x 7′
  • 2 x (4’ x 3‘) Naco Window & Security Bars
  • 2 x 4′ Tube Light
  • 2 x 13A Plug Point
  • 1 x Aircond Wire
  • 1 x Switch Point
  • 1 x Toilet Built In 5’ x 5’
  • 1 x Steel Hollow Section
  • 6 x Concrete Base Footing
  • DB Box With Mcb Board
  • RM8,150

30ft Worker Stay Cabin

  • 1 x Plywood Door 3’ x 7‘
  • 3 x (2’ x 3‘) Naco Window & Security Bars
  • 3 x 4′ Tube Light
  • 2 x 13A Plug Point
  • 1 x Aircond Wire
  • 1 x Switch Point
  • 1 x Toilet Built In 5’ x 5’
  • 1 x Steel Hollow Section
  • 8 x Concrete Base Footing
  • DB Box With Mcb Board
  • RM10,300

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