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The trusted manufacturer of containers and portable cabins in Malaysia


About Us



SMART TINY HOUSE focuses on high quality mobile homes and prefabricated cabin products for over 10 years in Malaysia. We started as a small operation, but have now become one of the leading suppliers in the home industry in Malaysia.

Now, Smart Tiny House has become one of the leading manufacturers of quality Fabricate Cabin Products, such as: homestay, guard house, folding container office, worker bunker and storage. Smart Tiny House is located in Selangor. As a supplier in prefabricated cabin and container houses, Smart Tiny House is to create added value for customers throughout Malaysia.

centralized labour quarter


The company’s purpose is to produce competent workers skilled in service, architecture industrial. At the same time intending to raise the standard of architectural contractors in terms of work quality and finance.


Smart Tiny House will provide fast and quality service. We will ensure customer satisfaction for every service provided by Smart Tiny House. Not only that, but also ensure that the products and services offered are at a high level. In fact, we unanimously will ensure that employees provide the best service to customers


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