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Light Duty Cabin (Standard)

light duty portable cabins

10ft (Size 10' x 10' x 8.5') 

15ft  (Size 15' x 10' x 8.5') 

20ft  (Size 20' x 10' x 8.5') 

30ft (Size 30' x 10' x 8.5') 

40ft (Size 40' x 10' x 8.5')

Custom Made Cabins

custom made portable cabins

Worker Bunker

Home Stay



Heavy Duty Cabin (Standard)

duty portable cabins

5ft (Size 5' x 5' x 8.5')

10ft (Size 10' x 10' x 8.5')

15ft (Size 15' x 10' x 8.5')

20ft (Size 20' x 10' x 8.5')

30ft (Size 30' x 10' x 8.5') 

40ft (Size 40' x 10' x 8.5')

20ft Original Container

20ft used storage container

20ft (Size 20' x 8' x 8.6')

40ft Original Container

40ft used storage container

40ft GP (Size : 40' x 8' x 8.6')

40ft HC (Size : 40' x 8' x 9.6')

Custom Made Containers

custom made used storage container

Roller Shutter



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Frequently Asked Questions on Cabin & Container

1. What is the difference between a cabin and a container?

A cabin is a lightweight structure that is often used for a homestay, kiosk, site office, worker stay and etc. A container, on the other hand, is a more solid heavy-duty structure that is typically used for storage.

2. What are the benefits of a cabin and a container?

For areas short on space, both cabin and container are versatile options. Perfect for temporary solutions, they easily accommodate a variety of needs. Whether the purpose is to source immediate storage capabilities or provide an onsite workspace,  cabins and containers are ideal solutions that offer many advantages.

3. How do I choose the right type of housing for my needs?

Budgets and timing are important considerations when deciding between a cabin or a container. It all depends on how quickly you need a simple, yet efficient space solution.

We approach each case individually, taking into account the budget and required timeframe to deliver the perfect living quarters. Ultimately, it comes down to our customers' decision on what suits their particular needs best.

Industrial port and container yard

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