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Cabin & Container Provider in Malaysia

Smart Tiny House is the leading provider of affordable cabins and containers.

We have many years of expertise in manufacturing, sales, rental, and maintenance repair of all kinds of light duty, heavy duty, modular containers, folding containers, ISO containers, shipping containers, and custom-made of all type portable light duty cabin modified into kiosk, farm house, new/used storage containers, steel heavy duty cabin, combine cabins containers, Steel and Econdex Material labours quarters, reefer container and all types of container modification and portable toilet house.

Do contact us for a consultation with no charges to ensure you get the right custom made unit for guard houses, portable cabins, etc. according to the budget and material required.

Our Clients

Cabin & Container for Sale & for Rent in Malaysia

We provide high quality cabins and containers for sale and for rent.

We also do provide rental services for customers that require temporary solutions such as warehouse solutions either at customer space or using our space with the same charges.

Also, quick fix to place rental cabins for temporary usage such as site office, workers to stay cabins and even heavy storage purposes with no stress to dispose of after use.

We also provide Transportation Logistics Services such as Haulage and Mobile cranes to relocate cabins or containers or even any other purposes that you would need heavy machinery for.

container house from used storage container

States We Provide Our Service

cabin & container steel constructure for office cabin or guard house

Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak, Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Pahang, Putrajaya, Melaka, Johor…

Best Deal on Container & Cabin Prices in Malaysia

Contact us now to find out more about our container and cabin prices in Malaysia!

We offer the best service with the best price for all types of containers as stated below for your reference and perusal. Indeed contact us for more info and details from our own team.

  1. Container Site Office

  2. Guard House Cabin

  3. Heavy duty Cabin

  4. Labour / Workers quarters

  5. Portable Cabin – Office / Personal Use

  6. Used Shipping Container – 20ft GP or 40ft GP

  7. Toilet cabins

  8. Modular Cabins

  9. Portable Link up Cabins

  10. Custom Made Kiosk Containers

Reliable Results

Our sales team are highly capable and dedicated people with a result-oriented mindset. We will ensure delivery is completed by the requested date needed by the customer. Do call us today and speak to our consultant.

Free Consultation with Quotation

Talk to our team today to help to plan around your required budget without compromising on the quality of our product. We will work with you to ensure the best price and service are rendered. We will gladly help with your planning and advice the necessary with no additional cost and a free quote is given.

3 Months Warranty

Our cabins are sold with a 3-month warranty upon manufacturing defects. Therefore, we cover all our delivery sites for any complaints or requests to fix any defect within 7 to 10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cabin & Container

A cabin is a lightweight structure that is often used for a homestay, kiosk, site office, worker stay and etc. A container, on the other hand, is a more solid heavy-duty structure that is typically used for storage.

For areas short on space, both cabin and container are versatile options. Perfect for temporary solutions, they easily accommodate a variety of needs. Whether the purpose is to source immediate storage capabilities or provide an onsite workspace, cabins and containers are ideal solutions that offer many advantages.

Budgets and timing are important considerations when deciding between a cabin or a container. It all depends on how quickly you need a simple, yet efficient space solution.

We approach each case individually, taking into account the budget and required timeframe to deliver the perfect living quarters. Ultimately, it comes down to our customers’ decision on what suits their particular needs best.

Satisfied Clients

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Good purchase and fast service.

Nora Ridzwan Owner Rest House, Raub

Excellent team, good deliver well, Recommended company guys.


Excellent service well done job, Provide on time service, polite staff.

Krishna Rajan

Innovative designs and efficient customer services

Geetha Nadarajan

I appreciate how SmartTiny strived to ensure the standards of quality product and good service while still taking into account the importance of being cost effective.

Rizalman Owner Rest House, Raub

Team SmartTiny is able to incorporate business needs into creative deliverables and operate in a succeeds fast-faced demanding environment”

Yuna Owner Home Stay, Putrajaya